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Hitting a wall when you look for new program savings? Now you can breakthrough with Advito. We use innovative tools and techniques to find savings opportunities you never thought possible. Beyond just delivering savings insights, we can take action and measure your returns. With Dynamic Performance Management services we'll even take it a step further and guarantee you'll get back at least double what you paid, in most cases much more.
  • Unique tools and technologies help you reduce internal travel demand without sacrificing productivity or satisfaction
  • Marketing communications and incentives engage your travelers to shift behavior and improve program utilization
  • Spend categories monitored from top to bottom every month with insights and action on identified savings opportunities
"Advito brought to the table knowledge of our travel program and travelers, industry expertise and strong negotiating skills."

Breakthrough Savings

You've got a lot to gain with breakthrough savings

See how some innovative methods across demand management, traveler behavior management and category spend management will find breakthrough savings opportunities that will take your program performance to a whole new level. Check out your savings potential below.

Your Annual Cost Savings

Demand Management
Traveler Behavior Management
Category Spend Management
Demand Management
You could save by replacing some of your internal travel with video conferencing. Reducing nonessential travel promotes productivity, traveler safety and satisfaction, and corporate sustainability. The key to success is to have a Total Collaboration Management program that puts the right video technology in the right facilities, and to maximize utilization with traveler engagement campaigns. Learn more about a modern virtual collaboration program.
Traveler Behavior Management
You could save by implementing a traveler incentive program that encourages spending less. When employees get to keep a portion of what they save, they're motivated to spend company money as carefully as their own. Most companies aren't even using the range of capabilities within their online booking tools to influence traveler buying decisions. You have the opportunity to use some of these innovative tools and technologies to communicate with travelers, incentivize them and build a winning program.
Category Spend Management
You could save on hotel and on air shopping services. This includes price assurance technology that will continue shopping for the best rates after a trip is booked and will automatically rebook at a lower rate. This can reduce costs and improve traveler confidence in your program.

You could save on Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) for Air and on DPM for Hotel. Advito's Dynamic Performance Management is an agile, holistic approach to program management. With monthly analysis and insights, we'll regularly uncover opportunities for incremental savings and offer proactive strategies for continuous improvement. We take all the moving pieces into consideration – suppliers, market dynamics, and traveler behavior - to find innovative ways to make program adjustments and get the highest returns possible.We're so confident that you'll get fast returns with Dynamic Performance Management that we'd like to offer you a savings guarantee. If you don't see returns in one year, you won't pay for our services.
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Sign up for one of our upcoming Breakthrough Savings webinars and stop leaving easy money on the table. Join April Bridgeman, Senior Vice President of BCD Travel and Managing Director of Advito to:
  • Understand the new Breakthrough Savings framework that helps to identify your greatest areas of opportunity
  • See some of the most innovative tools and strategies across demand, traveler behavior, and category spend management strategies
  • Learn the steps you can take to implement these approaches and get the fastest returns
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"I need to focus on what I must do to run our travel program every day. It's important to have Advito looking at the data on my behalf, weighing our program options and making recommendations."

Change is constant in the travel industry.

Supply and demand fluctuate throughout the year. Traveler behavior, satisfaction and program engagement levels are hard to balance. Using the same old tools and methods to find leverage with suppliers isn't going to get you anywhere.

Advito can help. With up to a 15:1 return on investment, our results speak for themselves. We even guarantee at least double ROI in one year with our Dynamic Performance Management Services.

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